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Possibly the End?

2008-04-11 12:16:44 by Chizzle33

Well, I'm just going to let this out, but I've been using an Windows 98 computer with an intel pentium III processor and Fruity Loops 3 for all of this time, and the music that came out wasn't half bad. But this computer has been with me since 1993. That's a 14 year old computer I'm using right now. We've decided it was time to get a new computer in which would be an iMac. Well, I'm not too sure if FL Studio runs on an iMac and I'm pretty sure it doesn't. If I try and learn to use garage band, I don't know how good or how crappy my music will turn out, but I'm going to try my hardest to get something out of it. I hope this isn't the end and I haven't really gotten a chance to become too good on Newgrounds yet. I'm going to make as many tracks as I can (an hopefully good ones) before this switch is made.